Charitable Giving

Business owners are among the most charitable people in Canada. Many of the people we work with have a strong personal connection to certain charitable causes or organizations.  Since many business owners face their largest tax bill upon death, planning ahead for this eventuality with a significant gift at death may mean the elimination of your estate tax, while achieving your philanthropic goals. 

We can create a charitable gifting strategy that will allow you to make the charitable contribution you want, while still providing a sufficient and guaranteed income stream while you are alive. For testamentary gifts, we can develop a plan to make your gift without infringing on the value of your estate passed down to your heirs.

In fact, regardless of your charitable aims, many people would rather give money to charity than pay it in tax.

Let us show you how to turn the tax your estate would pay on your death into a charitable gift, allowing YOU to decide how your tax money is used, not the government.