Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder (or Partnership) Agreements are an integral part of every successful business operation as they dictate the “rules” for the company, and spell out what will happen if a major life event impacts the business.

A well-executed Shareholder Agreement should reflect the shareholder’s true values, and include what is most important to them.  With proper communication and planning at the outset, a Shareholder’s Agreement can be crafted to consist of  clear rules and policies, which will create a strong foundation on which the business can grow.  This provides a great deal of peace of mind,  that if certain events take place, that the rule book will clearly specify how to proceed.

We will work with your group of Shareholders and Advisors to facilitate the creation of an Agreement that truly reflects your vision of how the business will be run, and to plan for the many “what ifs” that could have a significant impact.  We will help you craft the instructions for the final document which will reflect the decisions you have made, which are provided to your lawyer for drafting of the final product.